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11 Oz Private Label Scented Candles (4 Candle Bundle)


Your Brand Deserves The Gift of Scent 

MSRP: $28

Why sell other candle brands, when you can sell your own? Your customers love you and want to buy more to support you. We will deliver a unique experience for you and your customers by crafting a premium candle line you and your customers will love.

How it works

Choose your favorite fragrances. Each fragrance comes with a set of 3 candles with cork lids. Upload your logo at checkout and we get to work. One of our design specialist will reach out within 2-3 business days to review label mockups for your approval. Your order will be completed and sent to you within 3 weeks. It's that simple!

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     Discover Our Fragrances

    With over 50 fragrances to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fragrance for you and your customers. 

    Apple Pie- Just like grandma's famous recipe, lush apples, cinnamon spice, and sweet dough

    Black Currant- A twist of tart and citrus fruit, with earthy undertones

    Brown Sugar- A cozy and warm blend of brown sugar, maple, and butter

    Buttered Rum- The perfect blend of premium rum and butterscotch

    Cappuccino- An invigorrating blend of espresso, creamy whip, and touch of chocolate

    Cherry Limeade- A refreshing fizzy favorite with limes and sweet cherries

    Cinnamon Roll- Smells just like the real thing. Blended perfection of cinnamon, sugar, icing, and a touch of butter

    Clean Linen- A clean and fresh scent of just washed linens

    Coconut- Freshly chopped coconut that just fell from the tree.

    Cool Citrus Basil- Tangy citrus scent with a hint of fresh basil

    Creamy Vanilla- Packed with a sweet blend of sugary and buttery vanilla

    Crème Brulee- A sophistcated & classy dessert with the aroma of carmalized sugar and creamy vanilla

    Donut Shop- The fresh scent of warm cinnamonn and sugar donuts

    Eucalyptus- Earthy, fresh, and touch of mint.

    Eucalyptus Spearmint- A crisp cool refreshing blend of eucalyptus and spearmint.

    Floral Musk- A smooth blend of fresh floral and musk

    French Vanilla- A rich and deep note of caramalized vanilla

    Grapefruit- Ripe, juicy, and tart just like the real thing

    Green Apple- Fresh and clean. Tangy and tart like a freshly sliced Granny Smith apple.

    Guava- A sweet tropical fruit with a earthy yet refreshing fruitty scent

    Harvest- A fall musky blend of spicy cinnamon, vanilla, and baked apples

    Hazelnut Coffee- Freshly roasted buttery hazelnuts, rich coffee beans, and a hint of creamy vanilla

    Irish Mocha- Velvety chocolate, a touch of vanilla, sweet cream, and Irish Whisky.

    Island Pineapple- Vacation mode activated. Lush and fresh scent of pineapple with a splash of coconut.

    Key Lime Pie- Fresh squeezed zesty limes, with a touch of creamy vanilla

    Kumquat- Sweet and Tangy blended perfection of mandarin and pineapple.

    Lavender- Fresh fields of lavender, A must have for relaxation.

    Lavender Applewood- A rustic woodsy scent with the freshness of lavender and apples.

    Leather- Giddy up cowboy. Smells like authentic leather

    Leather Vanilla- A unique blend of authentic leather and vanilla

    Lemon- Fresh squeezed lemon with tart and zest.

    Lemon Lavender- Lush blend of relaxing lavender and fresh squeezed lemons.

    Lemon Verbena- An earthy blend of lemon, wood, and eucalyptus

    Lime- Sweet, zesty, and tart freshness.

    Macintosh Apple- Fresh red apples picked from the tree.

    Mahogany Teakwood- A woodsy favorite with a blend of cedarwood, oak, lavender, and geranium

    Night Ice- Masculine, musk, and a bit of floral makes this aroma a standout.

    Orange Spice- A fresh zesty orange meets cinnamon spice and cloves

    Orange Vanilla- Reminds of the summer favorive dreamcicle, orange and creamy vanilla

    Peach Cobbler- A juicy peach paired with a fresh cooked crust

    Peppermint- A minty fresh and cool fragrance to vitalize your senses

    Pina Colada- A refreshing blend of sweet pineapple juice, coconut, and rum.

    Pink Sugar- A unique concoction of cotton candy, sweet vanilla, and caramel.

    Pumpkin Spice- A blend of pumpkin and cinnamon that brings in the season of fall.

    Pumpkin Spice Latte- A creamy blend of pumpkin, vanilla, and espresso

    Rose- A floral staple of fresh cut red roses

    Rosemary Mint- A refreshingly crisp herbal blend with a touch of minty freshness

    Sandalwood Musk- A woodsy favorite with earthy sandalwood and musk

    Snickerdoodle- Cinnamon, sugar, and buttery goodness.

    Spearmint- A reinvigoratingly fresh minty scent

    Spiced Cranberry- Spicy cinnamon with the juicy and tart cranberry

    Strawberry Champagne- A sparkling champagne, with sweet and juicy strawberries.

    Tangerine- A citrusy and tangy aroma of fresh tangerine

    Timber- A uniquely rich masculine blend of citrus, pine, woods, and spices.

    Turkish Fig- A touch of woods with a blend of apple and pear

    Tuscan Tobacco- Fresh tobacco leaf with a hint of vanilla

    Twigs & Berries- Sweet berry goodness and blend of evergreen

    Vanilla Latte- The perfect blend of coffee and creamy vanilla

    Vanilla Lavender- Rich vanilla aroma blended with the relaxing lavender

    Vanilla Peppermint- Invigoratingly minty peppermint with the rich blend of vanilla

    Victory- Masculine blend that smells like an elegant cologne

    Watermelon- A blast of juicy and sweet watermelon

    Watermelon Lemonade- Like a glass of refreshing lemonade with juicy watermelon on a hot summer day.


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